What part of a model to keep or add later (Blender to Unreal)

I wonder, if you create a character model in Blender to use in Unreal, do you include hair etc on the model or is “better” to make the model bald and make the hair after in Unreal or some other program? (this can possibly include more than hair though)

To start with I’d add the hair in blender and once you get a good idea on how it works you could try different things.

I personally would always create/add everyhthing in blender -> hair, cloth, body parts,… :slight_smile:
But it always depends on what you want to do with the character -> do you need a customisation feature,…

Useful tutorials when you want to get realistic results:
-cloth ?v=XEdJBMiHVM4
-hair ?v=09Oy92QGrQc https://udn.epicgames/Three/CreatingHairUsingAlpha.html