What other fees or legalities should I be aware of to use UE4 as an animation tool like SFM is?

I’m thinking of doing animation shorts in UE4 since it’s a better engine. So far I haven’t seen any question related to UE4 licensing for use in animation.

The license I’ve seen so far only covers game releases. If I did an animation short with UE4 and published it monetized on YouTube, what are my legal obligations to Epic?

It’s the same for everything you produce using UE4. If you are monetizing the video then you pay 5% of the gross revenue.

No royalties would be owed. Under the EULA Section 4(1), no royalties are owed on

Revenue from linear media which is Distributed in a form that does not contain the Licensed Technology (e.g., broadcast or streamed video files, cartoons, or movies)

interesting. thanks for the EULA quote.

well thank you. very reassuring for me!