What order is recommended for watching/following Unreal Engine video tutorials?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering what order do you suggest that I watch/follow/do the Unreal Engine 4 videos for a complete beginner.

I have already seen in order

Intro to UE4 editor
Intro to Materials
Intro to Blueprint
Intro to Level design

I am thinking of doing the Blueprint Essentials or the Intro to Paper 2d video though I’m still in the beginning stages of learning C++ and I see a lot of programming contructs in the title of the videos in the Blueprints Essentials list. I don’t mind and I’m probably sure I can follow it well, but maybe there is something else I should be watching before this? Blueprint quickshot? what do you suggest?

What order is best for a nice learning curve?

Thank you very much for any insight you guys might have.

I personally would watch the blueprint tutorial so that you know the basics of it -> after that, start a own project, because in my opinion it’s the best way to learn the engine (your learning curve will increase dramatically) :slight_smile:
During your own project you will have questions which you can post into the forum or you can also search for a solution in the documentation: Unreal Engine 4 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation

Basically all that you need to know at the start is mostly Blueprints on how to move the player around / communicate with other blueprints. The learning curve start to get steeper when you decide to make your own project and dealing with all the different blueprint types. Like I am still confused on PlayerController and Character blueprint, but i understand the ue4 workflow.

I asked the exact same thing a few months ago.
Eventually what i did was watch the interface videos. The videos showing how to navigate the UI of UE4.
After that is watched all the blueprint videos. Well something 20 of them until i eventually could not make sense of the stuff anymore.

I then started work on a small mobile game. It was during the creation of this that i picked up knowledge as i would only research what i needed at the time. Eliminating countless hours of watching or reading information that would not only make zero sense to a newcomer, but also not be remembered unless practiced.

Import things are how to get information between blueprints. Be it using blueprint interfaces, casting or event dispatches.
Once you have come to grips with those the rest goes a lot better.

To op, I’d watch the interface first, so you get familiar with everything, then move on to blueprints, then blueprint replication.

As far as i know, player controller is where you put all the logic of the player inputs like controls, or variables you want to stay around if your character dies. ect.

The character should hold all of the necessary gameplay specific things.

Atleast this is how i use them and it seems to work very well. As an added bonus if you follow my way and not the way epic tells you (to put the controls in the character), you will have a far better time with the logic separated in the different places.

You can head over to documentation and start from there. You’ll find links to appropriate videos as you read through as well so you cant have a better start than that.

If you want further assistance, you can find a wealth of tutorials, including tutorial videos, on our wiki here: