What music do people want to see?

What type of music packs would you developers out there like to see hit the marketplace? I have a number of packs already released and would love to hear what makes a music collection attractive to developers. For example, do you look for a pack with a range of emotional profiles and styles or something with a more unified sound like a pack of only heroic orchestral music?

Epic / Cinematic Instrumental music would be nice, especially if it had a medieval feel to it.

I agree with the medieval setting. Not only Epic/Cinematic but also just music thats nice to play while the game runs, not too obtrusive. :slight_smile:

I think they dont want to see music. I like to hear it usually :smiley:

“Comic styled” music would be cool :smiley:

+1 for medieval

Subtle background music:
+1 medieval
+1 scifi

Storm trooper dub step mostly…

More cyberpunk music. Not necessarily epic/cinematic, but more along the likes of ambient music.

Thanks for all the responses! Would like to hear more if anyone hasn’t mentioned anything. I do have a couple of scifi music packs that seem to do well overall. I uploaded an orchestral fantasy packas well, more in the fantasy style than medieval, and I think it is not getting as much interest as I would like.

Looks like I’ll be busting out the lute and wooden pipes for some medieval style tracks. Thanks again to everyone who has written and please keep the responses coming!

I think they dont want to see music. I like to hear it usually :smiley:

I fully agree!!!

But sometimes we can try to visualize it, like the Walt Disney’s movie Fantasia. But, like in Fine Arts, should always avoid being limited to an unique concept of interpretation or common place (or limited only at the artist’s interpretation and your personal experiences). The greatest value in the Fine Arts is in its ability in urge the fluency of imaginary and personal experiences, evoking the reflection ability in each individual able to appreciating Art.