What monitor for UE5 in 2021 ?

Hello everybody,

I am new to unreal engine and 3D, and is building a setup to use it at its best, my question is about what monitor specs are the most important for a scenes building and cinematics oriented setup.

I’ve seen the samsung Odyssey G9 but i don’t know if it is good enough for this kind of use, besides gaming.

My will are :slight_smile:

  • Having a wide curved monitor
  • Having the best colors and overall accuracy on the screen to the final result.
  • Beeing able to working on 4K resolution ( i don’t know if the odyssey G9 can do this, or any other monitor…)
    I come from music, and i know that if you compose your music on everage monitors, you’ll get different results on different speakers, that’s why i ask this question here :slight_smile:

I also don’t really know if Hz is really important for scene development, and want to know if IPS is the best bet too :slight_smile:

I’m open to your suggestions for the best pick for a curved monitor beeing able to deliver what i’m searching for ( budget 1300$ max) i’m not searching especially a super wide monitor but i want a curved one, unless it can be bad for UE developpment ( like making a line and this line beeing curved on a flat monitor after rendering…)

Sorry if it’s a beginer question, i’ve already searched a lot by myself but there’s so much monitors out there and so many technical knowledge i miss right now that i prefer asking to experienced users :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Getting 4k at 120hz is probably better.

Getting any game made with unreal that isn’t a Pong clone to run at 120FPS at 4k, even on a 3090…
Well let’s just say the engine name says it all. It ain’t real.
Even a pong clone will probably only reach around 90fps.

So, do with that as you will.

People do seem to like Gsync panels for gaming though. If you also plan on playing games, that may be worth considering.

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I use LG 38GN950-B in the center and LG 27GN850-B on either side, very happy with the setup.