What method do YOU use for cross device game sync

Hi all,

I’m curious to know how other devs go about syncing game save data between devices.

I opted to try and base my system off the Game Center (and in future Google Play) Leader boards for simplicity.

As follows:

  1. Log into leaderboard
  2. Is there a high score?
  3. Is the score higher than what is local on the device?
  4. If yes, set the local integer to match.

I use this to very simply keep track of the current level a player has reached (The score table being Levels Completed). This is checked on startup, and if a score Integer is returned that is higher that the level you have completed locally it unlocks all levels up to that integer level number.

It works really well WHEN iOS game center returns the expected integer - this seems to be a bit weird and inconsistent.

If you have used a method for cross device sync, what did you do/use? Very interested to hear other people’s experiences.