What medieval/fantasy characters or props are currently sought after?

I’m thinking of submitting content to the marketplace to make a little dough while I fill out a portfolio… I’m partial to fantasy/medieval genres, so I’m wondering what is some stuff you might want but havent seen on the marketplace.

Some ideas I had for animals: horses (every medieval game should have horses!), wolves and birds…

For characters, I was thinking as generic as possible: Orc/goblin enemies, peasants, undead creatures (though there is already a zombie pack or two), elves, dwarves, etc.

Each model would come with a couple different textures (I.e. Different colours and patterns for horse coats, or differently coloured dwarf beards for example), and be a rigged, weight-painted model ready for use.

I don’t know if it’s worth modelling non-humanoid characters without animations, what do you reckon?

For the style of said models, I’m thinking low-medium poly range (approx 10,000), with a more stylised look, however if nobody really wants stylised models, I could look at doing more realistic ones.
I’m thinking a price of about $20 or so per model, or the same even for a group of similar models such as a bunch of goblins with different outfits.

Props would be even cheaper depending on how many were being sold in a pack, as they don’t require rigging.

Let me know what you guys think!

Do stone/marble statues of mythical creatures or something.

For some good inspiration, go take a look at the Unigine Heaven Benchmark dragon statue, it looks fantastic. Id love to see a set of stone/marble statues like that.

I would love to see a more comprehensive medieval weapons pack on the market. One of the sets currently available looks great but is very “Blizzard-y”. Another of the sets is realistic, but quite plain. Both are limited in number and type.

For a comprehensive pack, some ideas are in the picture below. To this, I might add a larger battle axe, flail, and morning star:

I know that’s a long list, but medieval game creators would love you long time!


Would prefer without artstyle because with artstyle of your own its not really compatible for most games I think

Realistic models please. The models should also come rigged, LOD’d, and properly UV’d… a pita I know, but if they’re not rigged or have proper LODs and UV’s, may as well as get them from one of the many stock websites.

Sure but for what in particular? Or do you just mean for generic characters like I mentioned above?

Medieval chars… Different kinds of knights, farmers, blacksmith, etc.

Well, the “generic” types are always good, both male/female (each character “pack” should include both genders):

  • Orc
  • Ogre
  • “Various demonic creatures” such as succubi, hellhounds, etc…
  • Giants
  • Ghosts: basically re-skinned of other types
  • Skeletons
  • Zombies: We already have zombie models, but the clothing textures are modern day
  • Giant insects: Spiders, Ants, Wasps, Scorpions, etc…
  • Giant Bats / Bat swarms
  • Gnomes
  • Gnolls
  • Various giant reptiles: Snakes, Crocodiles, Basilisks, Adamantoise, etc…
  • Griffons
  • Centaurs

A couple of good lists for “generic” types:

Alot of “creatures” can be re-skinned, so it would be wise to do a “base mesh” characters (and include the UVW Template), and then you could also sell “texture and motion packs” to make them into other various types of characters.

good ideas! id pay good money for something like this or animals like in the OP

Sweet, thanks guys, that’s helped quite a bit. I’m thinking differently themed packages, which might include some related props, weapon sets and maybe a character or two (per pack).

Is anyone averse to apex cloth being used if that was a possibility for the generic characters? Or preferred not as they are usually going to be used for npcs and don’t want a bigger performance impact?

While apex is nice, I don’t think it is quite feasible on non-“hero” characters.

You should split the packs, so people who only want characters only pay for characters