What Map Mod is the best?

Hey everyone. I’m planning to start a private Dedicated server sometime soonish…
What I need to know though is what map would be the best?

What I need is something big(as big as it can get), it also NEEDS to have all the biodoms including Redwoods, swamps, and snow.
Any suggestions and/or recommendations?

I think this is the second(?) end-user question you’ve asked here? You are aware this is for modding, right? It’s not really the best place to get opinions on things besides solutions to problems encountered while modding.

If you want to get information about things server owners/admins know or have opinions on or something a player might comment on, I would highly suggest ARK’s actual forums on or the Steam Community forums.


Calling it an End-User question is unreasonably harsh. THIS is a modding community, where better to ask about MODs?..
it would be stupid to go to a puppy forum to ask about kittens… lol

besides, I’m not asking people to say “Yeah man, this mod is really good, but this one is garbage.” I could see how THAT would be a problem, but What I’ve asked is “I need a MOD, This is what I need from it, What MOD*(there’s that word again)* will best fit those needs?”…