What makes you choose unreal over unity.

Me :

  1. A lots of feature. Easy LOD, material node mode, easy interface, blueprint system.
  2. For market, price limit (means no price below $5, so not oversaturated like unity). Quite strict, so professional have a chance.
  3. Retarget bone and anim. Also icon and color to represent the asset.
  4. Easy cinematography
  5. No need knowledge to code for making a film.
  6. Making particle inside engine.

however unreal must :

  1. More tutorial. Make it short and explainable as short as possible. I hate it when tutorial have 1 hour long in youtube.
  2. Require tutorial for advanced stuff. Like photorealistic light, powerfull blueprint node, etc
  3. Fix price in marketplace. No more $0.99 that ridiculus. Customer hate to see 0.99 price !
  4. Advertise unreal engine, unity have adv everywhere.

mostly, unreal engine require more tutorial, especially advanced stuff. And easy to learn.

For me it’s fairly simple; I get irritated as hell at things about UE4 (especially in the gameplay framework) almost daily,but, if it comes down to it, I can do my own implementation of features from scratch without working around a black box. It’s completely open.

Unity is a more controlled, funneled, and user-friendly toolset, really. It’s working on the extensibility aspect, but it won’t get there any time soon.

But, really, it’s just a matter of treating them as toolsets. Both have strengths and weaknesses. I know I could never have used UE4 as effectively as I am (for a one-person team)… Any time before I started using it, really. But it works for me and the way I like to work. Unity helped me get to that point.

The one thing I’d say is a major difference: I feel, sometimes, like UE4 has an editor based around its incredible engine. Unity’s editor is basically celebrating its twentieth wedding anniversary with the engine. They work together incredibly well. Which, I think, is where its user-friendliness comes from.

Whatever toolset works best for a team and the project is really all that counts.