What make actors be so performance consuming?

So there is this plugin by :

That collapse a lot of meshes that are the same to one actor and it increases the performances drastically.

So what is it with the actors that is making them so heavy?
Are there stuff that can be done to make them liter?

Looping through 20 objects is always going to be slower than looping through 1 object

I guess you are referring to instanced static mesh vs regular static mesh.
The difference (in simple terms) is that if we have 500 meshes then the GPU only needs to calculate the properties of 1 mesh when using instanced meshes and then simply use the same information for the rest of the 499 meshes… versus doing the calculations 500 times for regular static meshes.

Keep in mind however that instanced static meshes do have their limitations (otherwise we would not need to use regular static meshes :p), for example you cannot have different materials per mesh.

Drawcalls and such… I hate to deal with draw calls when working on mobile platforms.

Thanks! My MapBuilder is working on building the level from multiple meshes, and they all have each 6 materials that they are all instance of the same main material but with different properties ( textures etc… ) So I guess instancedStaticMesh won’t help me right?
When the map gets bigger it becomes really heavy.
How minecraft for example achieving so many different cubes and maintain so good performances?