What license to get if doing both linear and non-linear content?

Not sure yet, if linear content or games would became the mainline of my business, since there is interest in both.

There are two types of licenses, the publisher and creator. Only the publisher needs to pay royalties ever, and the creator type of revenues are free from royalties.

Since I apparently cannot agree to both licenses simultaneously, is it ok to accept the publisher license, and do both linear and non-linear content with that license? And only pay royalties to Epic from games and other publisher type of content, as the license requires, and not pay anything for the created linear content even if the revenues for that linear content could exceed $1 million?

Is there any difference in the included free content that I could access from Epic between the publisher and creator licenses? Any other type of difference, other than the types of content one could develop with the two types of licenses?

Also, I admit it is somewhat unclear for me why there are the two types of licenses and not just one in the first place - the one license with the royalty requirements from the publisher type of license for those types of contents and declaring the creator type of contents free from royalties…

Anyway, a deep respect and admiration to Epic for letting us to use the engines and free content with these favourable terms!!!