WHAT! Level Stream

what is the pros and cons of Level Stream, is it worth it and can someone tell me really how it works I’m still lost on it. Are you jumping from one Level/Map to another one?

It depends - what is it you are trying to do specifically? Different methods will really depend on what your use case is.

I would like to build a very large map and have it load kind of fast, btw I’m making a small MMO rpg somewhat like the old Never Winter Nights. Plus I would like to add on to it later. Hope all of this makes sense


See the level streaming map in content example. It is a really clear explanation about what it can do and how it can work.

So I’m really better off just jumping from one map tp another, teleport then

You surely will have to do both to be efficient. All different maps with enter / exit points connected to others to cover your world and some streamed levels in your specific map for better rendering / no lag / cpu not burning ^^

Thank you I’ll keep that in mind