What level of detail is too high for average PC build?

Hello everybody, so I have some questions about terrain and level of detail in general. Would I be shooting myself in the foot so to speak, if I used an 8K resolution terrain with 8K textures? As it is I plan on using a 4K terrain with 4K textures for my smallish open world environment. I haven’t gotten far enough to actually test performance between the two. I was hoping somebody could save me the time and let me know if 8K resolution would tank performance or not for the average PC gamer. I don’t want to get ahead of myself in development and find out that my game can’t run on most rigs.

At a certain point, there’s diminishing returns from just increasing texture resolution. You’d be better off overlaying detail textures and having a larger variety of textures.

The average gaming PC probably has about 2-4 GB of vram, so as long as you don’t go past that, texture resolution doesn’t matter too much for performance.

you can look up Steam Hardware surveys to see what the Avg pc is… its not that powerful