What kind of workload would overflow a 3080ti vram (or would make a 3090 worthwhile), ignoring money

So I’m currently in a position to upgrade my gpu, and I’ll mostly be using it for blender and unreal so I am heavily considering picking up something with more than the usual 8gb of vram. AMD isn’t an option, as sacrificing Optix is too big a loss, so it’s between the 3080ti (12gb) and the 3090 (24gb).

Curious if there’s a resource or anything which would help me visualise what kinds of scenes or projects actually eat up more than 12gb of vram. Thought you lovely people might be able to help me out with some advice :slight_smile:

Difference in price is like… 20%? So I’m leaning towards the 3080ti at the moment, but I know the first time I get an ‘out of memory’ error I’ll be annoyed haha.

Pretty much anything in engine having to do with billions of tris to be rendered with 8k textures.

Generally movie production and AAA game design require a 3090 sized vram buffer to work.

As a bonus. Anything involving landscape creation on the world composition system hits a Vram max rather quickly (unless you close the mini map and work without it).

The real “limit” is always RAM.
The editor likes to keep things in ram for access (like level/tiles/actors/distance fields, etc.
(To the point I’m considering checking if exceeding 64gb works and if doing so allows me to load all 140 landacape tiles at once…)

While working IN Editor (so unimportant for published projects) having enough overhead to work so that you don’t cause the engine to crash is rather critical.

Other than this, there are neatly no benefits in difference between a 3080 and a 3090.

The extra Vram makes stuff like movie rendering a lot easier.
Particularly when trying to render at or above 8k using 8K textures all around.

For everything else, measure the cards performance based on benchmarks.
The better card is not the one with higher vram, but the one which can be overclocked the hardest.
(So water cooled hybrid is the way to go).

The difference in price was £500, and so I went with the 3080ti.

I’m going to be fairly annoyed if I end up continuously hitting the 12gb vram limit, but there’s no way to know until I test it out. Hope for the best I guess!

As I’m not doing AAA games or movie production, I would guess the issue will come from doing lots of 4k or 8k textures for archviz…