What kind of spline is a spline component?

I’m trying to make a spline camera and I’m trying to find the closest point on the spline to the player. I believe I’d need to know what kind of spline (Catmul Rom, Bezier, etc…) it is before I can do that.

I did some research and it seems that the spline components are Catmull-Rom splines. If someone can confirm that would be cool.

Yeah some documentation and examples would be nice.

Cubic Hermite spline.

FInterpCurve class has method InaccurateFindNearest

Look on InterpCurve.h

	 * Find the nearest point on spline to the given point.
	 * @param PointInSpace - the given point
	 * @param OutDistanceSq - output - the squared distance between the given point and the closest found point.
	 * @return The key (the 't' parameter) of the nearest point. 
	float InaccurateFindNearest( const T &PointInSpace, float& OutDistanceSq ) const;