What kind of node is "AI MoveTo", and can I make my own?

  • What kind of node is the “AI MoveTo” node?
  • What does the clock icon signify?
  • Why does the header have a gradient from blue to grey?
  • Why is the node icon a picture of a node instead of an f?

I have a hunch that this node is defined by code.

The reason I ask is because I’m trying to get an actor to move around with Behavior Trees. Normally, I’d use “AI MoveTo” and a nav mesh. However, this particular instance requires that the actor follow a precise path. Currently, I’m using a Behavior Tree task to do the actual movement, but this causes smoothness issues. It appears as though the Behavior Tree doesn’t run at the frame rate (which makes sense). This means that the movement of the actor appears very choppy.

A call to “AI MoveTo” seems to get around this problem, but I don’t know how it works, so I can’t replicate that aspect with my own blueprint.

I’d prefer to do this in Blueprints if possible, but I’m comfortable with C++ and can do this in code if it’s the only way.

It’s an AITask_MoveTo.h/cpp and yes you can make your own. It’s a sub-class of AITask which is a sub-class of GameplayTask.

could you give a example of how to make such a node with “delay output call”?