What kind of IncrediBuild solutions need for unreal build?

Hi, Our team consider to purchase IncrediBuild.
But I confuse what kind of solutions we need.
There is three type of solutions in IncrediBuild, “Visual Studio C/C++”,“Make and Build Tools” and “IncrediBuild for Dev Tools”.
I know that “Make and Build Tools” is not need for unreal build. And “IncrediBuild for Dev” is need when unreal build.
“IncrediBuild for Dev” help to reduce shader build time and unreal compile time.
My question is “Visual studio C/C++” need also for unreal build ? especially when I build project using unreal build tool? And How it work for unreal?,
We build project using UnrealBuildTool.exe and we build in unreal editor. we use visual studio 2019.
Let me know example for using IncrediBuild in porject.
Thank you.