What kind of file content will I need to make UI's with UMG?

I hope to hit the ground running when the UMG tool comes out because I’m interested in creating a really interactive UI for my game without having to get into c++, So i m just curious what type of content do you think i should make to use with UMG. For example is it just 2d images and if so what kind of file extension am I looking at and what tool can i easily make them in, hopefully blender. Thanks.

UMG is based on slate, so you might start your search there. Otherwise, hopefully a dev chimes in. I am looking forward to UMG as well. :slight_smile:

That looks cool thanks for adding the screenshot. Hopefully Epic can fix the issues I’m seeing with my blueprints (crashing) and then I’ll be able to play around in 4.2


After running the editor (UE4Editor.exe, not the launcher) with the argument -umg. You’ll find a new Blueprint entry “Widget Blueprint” under “User Interface”.

For the short time I’ve used it, it contains “containers” and “controls” (based on slate). For each control you can specify a “Slate Widget Style” created using UE4, bind a click event, defining a tooltip, sound event for pressed and hovered and much more :slight_smile:

Check this screenshot :