what kind of component should I Add in C++ to replace "Make Color" node in blueprint?

Hi Friends:
I followed the material tutorial and setup a class BP in persona like below, for each tick, it can change the material’s color of one of its static mesh, as you can see the color is simply random, then use a “Make Color” node as the input of dynamic material, Currently for each tick, I can get an image in C++ code (let’s assume all rgb values are stored in an array), if I try to fill the array’s data into the input of “Set Vector paramemter Value” Node, then I must copy all data in the array to some Blueprint readable component, then copy the data from this “component” to the input of “Set vector param” Node.
My question is: what is the appropriate type of this “component” which I should add it in C++ ?


Alright, I figured it out, acutually it is just soooo easy…sorry about the stupid question I’ve asked, please ignored it…