What Kind of Character You Wish ? Tell Me :)

Hello mates !

I decided to make characters and present them on Marketplace, but then I though:

What do you guys need ?

So decided to do it this way:

1-) Each time I will present 5 different choices and make a poll. You guys vote. And if there is enough demand I’ll start modelling that character. So you chose what you get !

2-) I’ll also adress a main problem of ready-assets. They are all the same ! So I’ll put different detail maps ( like for armor and leather) and even different color maps ( like cloth or hair) for parts of the character. So even you buy the same thing you will be able to play with them to look unique in your game !

So let’s stop wasting time and get on it !

Here are the ones for the first one !

1-) A medieval knight ( like this )

2-) A cyborg samurai ( like this )

3-) A modern infantry ( like this )

4-) An anime style lady demon ( like this )

5-) A Final Fantasy- like male character ( like this )