What it feels like to own a GTX 1080

Then the power bill arrives.

35% faster then a 1060 and RX480 but 3 times as expensive :rolleyes:

First world problems

He still only has a 600W power supply. That poor thing.
What uses more, a GTX 1080 overclocked to 1.72ghz (180W TDP @ 1.6ghz) or an FX-9590 overclocked to 5.7ghz (220W TDP at 4.7ghz)?

Well, even if you have a 600W power supply, if you just watch cat videos on a single core with no 3D load to speak of, the system will draw MUCH less power than if you actually load it down.
Also, a “600W” power supply is typically rated for 600W /intake/ which, at 80% efficiency means 480 Watts out. That’s getting very close to what that system is going to be drawing – here’s hoping it will stay stable!
Finally: When FPS goes down, sometimes it’s not the graphics card, instead it’s the CPU that can’t feed the card fast enough. A good way of checking this is to play at half resolution and see if frame rates are still low; if so, you are CPU or memory bound.

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