What is your willingness to pay more for Audio and 3rd person animations?

So the top requests we get constantly with our weapon packs are 3rd person animations and Audio. Currently to make 3rd person anims work you need to grab kubolds pack or something similar, bring it in and then blend our 1p arm animations with the upper body playing the 3rd person animation for everything else. It works but it’s not perfect. For audio you need to go grab something like the Intervention pack and then hook the cues up to our weapons. Again it works but it’s not perfect.

So we are contemplating investing in the creation of 3rd person animations and sound for all of our gun packs but it will be a massive investment as we don’t screw around over here. Each weapon will likely be $500+ for the 3rd person animations and another $500-$1000 for the audio once you factor in the cost of gun rentals, going to the range, recording equipment costs and the time to shoot, record, edit and then setup in the engine. With 20-30 weapons on the marketplace this adds up real quick. However before we go and spend all of that time and money I want to hear from you guys if this is even something you would be willing to pay extra for. For 3rd person anims and sound I am thinking of a $10-$15 price increase(keeping in mind that we only take home 70% after epic’s cut). Meaning that a $24.99 gun would be $35-$40.

Would you look at this pack and say

Or would you go and look at a cheaper alternative that might not have sound, vfx, arms or even animations as well as being of lesser quality and say