What is your logic of learning blueprint's function for the first time you use it?

Hello, i had used 3 months to learn C and C++ before unreal engine and now i am studying use blueprint to create character. Every time i encounter the blueprint function i don’t understand, i will go to check the documentation or UE4 answerhub. Sometimes it was helped, but no always.

I think the documentation about how to use function isn’t detailed enough for me. For example, i had follow the official tutorial “Setting Up Character Movement”, most of it are working successful, except the function “get player character”. I had read the documentation and fought someone in answerhub said, can deal with this problem by using “try get pawn owner” and “cast to” function, but i still don’t know how to use it in a correct way.

So, i would like to know, how do you learn to use the function? What is your logic of learning the function for the first time you use it?

It will be helped for me to reference your way of thinking, thanks.

Well, i just figure out how to deal with the “get player character” problem, but i still want to find ways of learning function, so that i can deal with some problem more independent.

Looking forward to listen your suggestion.

mathew wadstein’s “WTF is” tutorial videos on his youtube channel go into good detail. Much better than the documentation, for many of the blueprint nodes.

Great, i will check it, thanks.