What is your coding convention?

Hello everyone.

What is your way to code (Blueprints or C++)?
Do you prefere to cram everything in a class or to modularize every single thing?

I, personally prefer modularizing, it keeps things clean, and you, which one you prefer?

Currently i’m working on a universal pluggable weapon class:

ActionSphere = Just for testing, a sphere in which you can pick the weapon up.
AmmoComponent = Handles ammo, clips, reloading, ammo type (rocket, bullet, etc)
FireComponent = Handles firing
BulletComponent = Handles bullets, gravity, if it’s an instant hit, it’s velocity

Constructive criticism appreciated :slight_smile:

For the weapon, thanks to DaveFace: [FREE] Various models - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

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I used a combination of these:

Unreal Engine 4: Naming Convention

Assets Naming Convention
Coding Standard

I try to keep to OOD as much as possible, objects and code make more sense that way. Previously I looked into Unity and some C# which is pretty good. Unreal and C++ gives me a headache (its the syntax that does it). So at the moment I am going with blueprints which are pretty **** cool.