What is your best practice Skinning, Rigging and Animation Solution in 3ds max?

There are so many scripts and plugins for Max outthere, but what are the best ones and what do you have for experience with them and how is the support from the Developers regarding bugs and new feature requests? Or do you use standard integrated tools what are the problems this moment? What are the major and the minor problems getting something out from Max to UE4 regarding skinweights, animation and bone setups via fbx?
Should be Cat used or manually created skeleton with inbuild tools, what is better for what?

Lets discuss.

For us it’s biped with a lot of custom rig setups on top for anything humanoid. The solid stability and the ability to use mocap and blend it with hand animation is unmatched

For anything animal or other full custom rig.

CAT for simple creatures sometimes but we don’t risk using it for hero characters it’s too buggy.

Faces morph targets all the way. with the exception of eyebrows eyelashes, eyeballs etc.

Morph targets for corrective shapes on all hero rigs. We use custom tools for this.

Yes, most animator swear on custom rig.
Did you know these one? LINK:

Finds the most use for my characters. Can you a bit explain what major bugs occur while you use it for hero characters? This would help me alot.
Btw at the moment i search for a way to use CAT with “Hero”- char and an seperated/attachable ExoRig/skeleton. But have no really idea how to handle this in UE4.

Thats interesting, but for me i only use provided or third party tools to handle such things.

Any maxler’s more?

Well since we switched to using Unreal 4 we don’t spend to much time in 3ds Max as part of our character development pipeline. We make a lot more use of Daz Studio and the Genesis 3 framework as well as Zbrush and only use Max to skin wrap and convert to skin clothing items to the G3 form.