What is your arch viz workflow?

Hello everyone, I’m trying to figure out the best software for my team to use and need help learning some best practices. I currently use 3Dsmax for everything and then use datasmith to import into UE4. My problem is that most of the 3D modelers on my team use sketchup and I have a terrible time taking their 3D models into 3DS max and optimize for UE4, We are at a point where we are willing to disrupt our workflow to make the process easier and are considering new 3D software. Since learing 3Dsmax is a bit heavy to require from the entire team we’re looking at software such as Rhino and AutoCAD 3D to replace sketchup. Any input on your workflow, what works/doesnt work, would be amazing.

Hello, our work flow here at Zoan is Blender > Substance (optional) > UE4. Epic games is already giving support to Blender Foundation and I think that it’s going to have even more compatibility between the softwares. We used to work with 3Ds Max, but today you can’t compare Max and Blender, blender newer versions were very optimized for ArchViz. Go for blender!

Hello! I use Revit > 3ds Max only to export FBX > Blender (its easier for me than 3dMax) > UE4

We’re using Lightwave to Unreal. The lightwave team has done a great job of creating a bridge between the two apps so the models and materials transfer with no issues.

We then do any additional work in Unreal on Windows, and publish to iOS with a custom build of Unreal on a Mac.


We use DataCAD via Datasmith into UE4, but are waiting for the next update of Datasmith to fix the DWG import problem where entities are mirrored along the x-axis.

We use 3ds max straight into Unreal through fbx. Sometimes i have to deal with sketchup files from architects aswell, but since they are usually not optimised at all I almost always end up tracing them over in 3ds max into a clean model. Havent found another good way to do this either.

Have you looked at Meshmatic? it deals with CAD and Polygon mesh optimization. Sketchup is supported.

I’ve found PolyTrans to be pretty solid over the years and far better than FBX for bridging between Maya, Max and SketchUp.
It doesn’t really change that much but doesn’t need to.