What is wrong with my UV's?

im trying to build my project and every time it keeps telling me i have overlapping UV’s on my table but my UV’s are fine for this mesh. what do i do to fix this as it is making the lighting on this mesh go black.

You have 7 uv-channels O_o
first one should be the uv-map for your textures, and you create a 2nd one for the lightmaps. *the 2nd one cannot have any overlapping uv’s, which it currently has)

ah ok that would make sence lol so another probably obvious question but how do i fix it. im pretty new to UE4 so please take it step by step.

i figured out what was wrong, through the modeling process my table created to many UV maps after deleting the irrelevant ones and re exporting it the problem resolved itself. thank you for pointing out this problem for me!