What Is Wrong With My Icons?

Executable Icon


Taskbar Icon


2 Problems

  1. My Executable icon is somehow still my old icon. I thought I replaced it. Is this supposed to be Platforms → Windows → Game Icon?
  2. My Taskbar icon looks like crap. Why doesn’t it look as nice and smooth? Should it be the one here Platforms → Windows → Game Icon?

I am using GIMP and scaling images to 256x256 and exported as an .ico file.

BTW I’m making it for Windows.

I see where I went wrong. I opened up UE4’s default game icon for windows and found out that it has multiple layers which I think corresponds to different icon sizes. When I exported my .ico file it only ever had a 256x256 layer which when scaled down looked very odd. Unfortunately, I have not figured out what is wrong with my executable icon yet and which parameter in the Project Settings it is references by.


Now my Exe icon look right by magically changing one day. I wish I could say what happened. It was bad one day and magically better the next.

Well, I don’t always restart my computer. But I just realized that I restarted my computer last night and then I noticed the exe file change. Hmmmm, I wonder.

I mean the exe file changed after I packaged again that day.