What is wrong in this saving BP?

Hi, I created my own bp script for saving atleast i tried to create one that works but something went wrong and I can’t figure out what I should of done to make it work.
I know that this is the longest possible way to do it but I wanted to do it the way that i feel the most comfortable with, however if you have a shorter way of saving; Resolution, Resolution Scale, View Distance, Anti-Aliasing, Post Processing, Shadows, Textures, Effects and all the other things in the audio section; Master Volume etc.
Please comment it below so i can see how you’ve done it and learn from mistakes.
I have attached some screen shots from my BP Script.

Best Regards,

Hey Nijo,

You have a difference in your check for file and save to file.

The load looks for “SaveOptions” and the saving saves the file as “Save Options”. Generally what I do is promote that to a variable so there is never any inconsistencies.

Additionally, you need to plug in the variable “Save Options” into the Save Game to Slot nodes “save game object” input.