What is waking up my physics?

I have an actor blueprint that simulates physics, but I want it to start asleep so that it just hangs in air until something wakes it up.

If I create a simple actor in a new project and disable “Start Awake” under physics, it works like I expect.

In MY project, no matter what I do, my object wakes up immediately upon play, even though “Start Awake” is disabled. How can I figure out what is causing it to wake up? Right now, I am using the “Put Rigid Body to Sleep” node in my BeginPlay event to work around the issue, but I want to understand what is going on.

Basically it’s like telling your Physics Object to start simulation at once :slight_smile:

I’m not doing that. What else could be waking it up?

Might be quite a tedious task, but you could put a breakpoint / log in the engine code that wakes up the rigid body? UPrimitiveComponent::WakeRigidBody()

That’s worth trying. Thank you for the suggestion!