What is up with 4.13?

Usually, after a while (a month or so) a new version is released, there is this ‘Preview Engine Features’ thread posted, so we can expect a future release the following 2 or 3 months (or so). But now, we don’t get to see any preview 4.13 after even 4.12.5 has been released? What exactly is brewing…?

Maybe laziness I dont really know though :frowning: Hoping the preview will start soon though

Personally (As a marketplace seller), I hope every engine release is delayed as much as possible. We will be seeing 4.13 preview likely next month.

I’d rather an update every 4~5 months. Because download size is too big :stuck_out_tongue:

They Cant delay the release lmao this industry moves way too fast, as a consumer I dont know how Epic does it, Magic I guess

I agree with this. Personally I think Epic in the past, move too fast with each release. There are some concerns that people are upgrading because bugs were fixed in that version, but that in turn introducing new bugs - it is quite troublesome cycle… But my experience so far is upgrading to new version always result in less and less bugs.

I personally also think that origin rebasing (great feature!) is what pushed the release slower than usual.

That article you pointed to has vanished

I edit my previous post, so now the thread url is valid (it was quoted from the previous post)

Would we have a preview by next Friday?

Wasn’t 4.12 shipped with some bugs… I’d prefer to wait for a rock solid 4.13 instead of having a fast release with 56 patches.

Wasn’t every version of UE4 shipped with bugs? its inevitable. Some bugs sneak thru unnoticed, new fixes generate new bugs, etc, etc. I am happy with Epic releasing 4.13 when they think its ready.

Its kinda funny how this engine has faster updates than WoW and LoL combined. Is there anyone out there who knows EVERYTHING in UE4 inside and out? I doubt even Tim has the perfect mastery of every feature in the engine.

If we wait for every single bug to be fixed, it will never release any updates anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems they have slowed down the feature releases a bit, spending more time on fixing bugs. A good decision!

It drives the people like me who have no patience and want all the shiny things now crazy!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything is on a normal schedule for 4.13.

4.12 came quickly on the heels of 4.11 because 4.11 was delayed. But we generally prefer to have a longer time between releases.

You will be seeing a 4.13 Preview pretty soon. Please help us test it so we can find and address any important issues that crop up.


Crossing my fingers for next week, also Stephen Ellis do you know if the media framework is working on the mac, gmpreussner said he was going to try and get that working but I havent heard back from him

I prefer meaningful updates than to get a new number tacked on for the sake of releasing.

They probably learned from 4.12. As you see it needed 5 hot patches.

I’m yet to see a single UE version without anything meaningful. I think Epic has done a splendid job updating and improving the engine.