What is UnrealTraceServer.exe?

What is UnrealTraceServer.exe and why does it behave like malware and keeps running on my system indefinietly even after I close the engine?

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It’s part of the performance analysis and debugging tools in UE5. Unreal insights I think? It’s not malware, but it is listening for things that call out to it. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

It should close after exiting UE, but for some reason it doesn’t. Hopefully they fix that in the future. For now, you can just close it from the task manager.

would u say that this is a necessary thing to allow internet access? i have blocked it and havent noticed any issues as of now. i dont like seeing things like that come up, especially when there is nothing easily found regarding it.

I have tried to disable but found my inputs when wonky and PIP was jittery… especially when testing multiplayer. I usually shut it down through task manager when i close the engine… so it might be necessary at times.

I found the same thing while trying to delete unreal engine from my C drive, i needed to clear space so i decided to move it to D drive. but it wont let me delete everything because it keeps saying that unrealtraceserver.exe is open in the background, but when i finally tracked it down and stopped its service and deleted it, i ran the launcher for unreal again and it said that that im still out of space and that THAT one file had been relocated back into that same spot on my C drive effectively entirely undoing my deletion of the file or just making a new copy. i dont have room on my C drive and really would like to know how to get rid of it or at least relocate it so that this doesnt keep happening. anyhelp is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance :smiley: i am at a complete loss and really wanted to try this engine out :') anyone else having this issue still too?