What is THIS With my engine?!

hello guys i am really freaked out! what is this ?! in every video i see people just drag and drop materials onto the scene and they can just paint it but WTF?! when i drag the material i can’t drop it to anywhere and i can’t ***** paint the material to the ground!

is this with my engine only? people say RMB + drag means rotate the scene BUT when i do it it always opens a freaking menu and it really freaks me out but the point is

am i only the bad man who don’t know what to do or is this with my engine?

anyways i could do it wrong! so please tell me how can i paint materials to the landscape?

Hi Simigla, you should be able to just drag a material directly onto any actor including landscapes and it should just fill the actor with the material, painting on to an actor/landscape however is much more complicated.

If simply filling the actor/landscape with a material is what you are trying to achieve, you will need to have the ‘place’]( mode selected.

Regarding the right click menu, the menu appears when the right mouse button has been released. You will need to hold the right mouse button down and move the mouse in order to rotate the viewport camera. If this is what you are doing already then the chances are the fault lies with your mouse.

I hope this helps


Ok ok ok.

Hold on.

What exactly are you trying to put or materials on?

What is happening?

Is everything black?

~ Jason

Before you can paint on a landscape, you have to create a proper landscape material -> I would recommend you to take a look at this documentation pages: :slight_smile: