What is this when I try to open Unreal Engine 5.0.3

I haven’t opened or used unreal engine 5.0 before. The first time i opened it up this popped up.

Why is this an unknown publisher and a strange .exe name? I know pop up’s like these are normal for these types of programs but why is the publisher unknown?

Hey @Fionnstarz!

Don’t worry! That’s us. Not sure why the name seems strange, it’s “Unreal Engine Prerequisites Setup”. It’s like 11 or 12 MB and just makes sure you have the correct prerequisites in your Windows installation to be able to run :slight_smile:


The Windows UAC is always the first thing I disable when I format my PC (it asks you a confirmation for every stupid thing and it doesn’t when it should)

Said that, if it’s the first time you use it, go for 5.1 and not with 5.0, many things have been deprecated, do yourself a favor!


Thank you so much!!!