What is this style of code [something](something)?

I wonder that myself, the path used uses directory stracture of UE4 source code and last element is actully property in class


I can’t find those in source, i kind of susspect those a formating for links generations in documentation. API documentation is frequently revamped so quite possibly those are links that failed to be generated because something changed and snippit wasn’t corrected

I frequently see this in documentation

Example : GravityScale;

This looks similar to lambda functions but not enough recognizable to me. Are they lamda functions?

what does API\Runtime\Engine\GameFramework\UCharacterMovementComponent\GravityScale mean?

Ah that makes sense. It looks like leftovers from errors in documentation generation

Indeed they are broken links ! thanks for the explanation

[something](something) is markdown for creating a web link: [link name](link address). Markdown is used here on Answerhub and possibly in documentation generation. Maybe the documentation generator can use source paths (cpp) as link destinations (Answerhub requires an http link address).

Another possible cause: some programmers (myself included) sometimes write markdown in places where it’s not supported without thinking.