What is this node?

Hey people, I’m trying to follow documentation on the Ik system. But there is a node that I cant figure out.
Could anybody tell me what this is?


It’s a multiplication node from the Math section. Press * in the context menu. It’s either Int x Int or Float x Float… can’t tell which green that is. :slight_smile:

Ahh thank you very much. It was a float x float. I may be back with more similar questions.

Hello again, there are two more that I can’t figure out.
abc00348e6903d7610c3e976d31f657a7bb0ab4e.jpeg 98a92180772b4d2e3ae47430183ad0fd107005db.jpeg
Seeing as its purple-ish I tried creating a string variable and this is what I got. I know it is not what I want.
As you can see the top on is get and the bottom one is set.

Any ideas?

thanks again.

Edit: its a function. :stuck_out_tongue: i got it now