What is this dude supposed to be?

Hello everyone. I started using Unreal Engine with UDK and I’ve seen this guy quite a lot:

What is he supposed to be and where does he come from? It’s been bugging me since 2009 and I’m not really sure what to google so please, PLEASE Ye Olden Gods and Goddesses of Unreal Engine.

Share some of your wisdom with this unworthy user and allow his soul to finally achieve peace and ascend to Nirvana.


That is the default icon for a Billboard component, which can be used to create an icon for your blueprint. Using one of these makes it much simpler to find a blueprint in your level, if you don’t supply one of these you will only be able to select it from your Scene Outliner, it will not show up in the world.

You can change the icon texture that is shown by changing this setting in the component options:


ps. I did not realize there was a steam sale on now… Thanks! :smiley:

My life is complete now. Thank you.

I could totally watch a 2 hour documentary on the creation of the engine itself and the trials and tribulations that the team had to go through from then till now.

I could totally watch a 2 hour documentary on the creation of the dragon thing.

For years I thought it was a camel head.

my head’s still spinning, looking at those old pics & the old style UI from’90s

and I always thought that the dragon was what bit your head off when you did something wrong

So… What about the old apple pathnode icon?
I know < has some rumours but would love to know the actual facts :slight_smile:

It is clearly a velociraptor what are you smoking people…

Old one is definitely a camel.

its Rexxx!:slight_smile:

I am so surprised to see how much people are not aware of all the hidden secrets hidden in this pic :
1 : This is a hand pointing to the sun, to remember that it can be a trouble when do lights in your level.
2 : This is the stylized face of *** ( i can’t say the name without an official consent) crying in a horn
3 : This is “pacman to the stars” as a leitmotiv.
4 : Haven’t you notice the sea horse pursuing the dolphin ? Once again i can’t say who was the sea horse and wha was the dolphin. This is kind of private joke.
5 : One of first team member ate a lot of green beans and they did this as a remember.
6 : This is an island where someone (ys same as before about who…) wanted to go.
There are a few other hiddens but they are so secret that i even don’t know if i can talk about them…

Fen, you need a shrink, soon.

Wait, soon probably is too late already, I’d say now.

Green beans look so obvious now. I dont know how i missed that one.

In my opinion it’s more like a blue whale :stuck_out_tongue:

But the rest is plausible :wink:

Well Fen, you got us, you figured out the big secret conspiracy and now all you have to do is put the pieces together to find the treasure.

Fantastic work Fen! I lost it when I got the part about Green Beans.

The conspiracies, the numbers, Obama:

it all makes sense now! We are all… APawns in Epic’s massive AGameMode to take over the UWorld…