What is this crazy graph?

I am in the process of switching all of my vectors in my blueprint to 2D vectors, and have come across a strange graph that contains everything in my blueprint combined. When i went to change my functions input to a vector 2D and then convert it to a vector, it gave me a warning: b1c2d5d32e.png

In the compiler results, I have a warning “Warning Can’t connect pins In Vector 2D and Return Value : Only exactly matching structures are considered compatible.”, clicking on the underlined “Return Value” text brings me to this graph:

This graph seems to be all of my functions and nodes combines into one, has anyone else seen something like this before?

Weird… I have never seen that before.

Usually when a blueprint is compiled, it is first merged into a “master graph” internally where indeed everything is contained as a single graph (hence the name “Ubergraph”).

This is part of the compilation to bytecode and nothing to worry about. Though you normally shouldnt see it except when something goes wrong :slight_smile:


It looks like some kind of abstract art piece hah.

Definitely seems like a behind the scenes piece that has failed to compile properly, similar to how you can step right inside of a “For Loop” blueprint. Once you fix the compile problems on your blueprint and restart I would assume it should probably be hidden again.

That file’s not supposed to be loadable as a regular blueprint.
If I were you, I’d run a ScanDisk on my hard drive – you may have file system corruption that makes files show up in the wrong place.

Well, the problem only happened the one time, and this is on my brand new SSD.