What is this BP node called?

I’m new to UE4 and trying to follo

w a bp tutorial and cant work out what this node is called so i can put it in my script.

This is “Is equal”:

== is equal. Just type == and find what you need - is equal object, actor, string etc. Opposite is != not equal.

Thank you!

Do you know what type of equal I need? I cant it to connect like what is shown in the attached image

Image is blurred but I think this is object.
Anyway, if you will pull node from this Finger Tip and you will type ==, you will see what this is on list. I can check later today, but it need many hours - you can try as descripted.

  • updated, I have not seen your new screen

This is what I’ve got but yeah == wont connect to anything

Drag note from Finger Tip. When menu will open - type == and select “is equal object” or like this (from memory). You will have connected Finger Tip with ==. Then drag red node from == and connect with Branch (condition). I can do screens afternoon, but this will work for sure.

found it. it was worded slightly differently but it worked. thanks again. I dont suppose you would know how to make relative location node show xyz like shown in the image?

Hover mouse over vector value - again from memory, right mouse button, split. Or you can drag node and use “break vector”.

Split struct pin. You have it here https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Blueprints/UserGuide/Variables/Structs/


You can also recombine:


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