What is this BP Node called and how to make it?

I tried repeatedly to look it up myself but I don’t know what to even call it, so it is always a random search that never ends. ‘Dual Connecting Self Set Node’? and how to find-it/implement it? I am trying to drive a Bicep Flex Morph target with the Rotation of the Forearm bone.

I do really well in Blueprints until I see something I have never seen and don’t know what to call it,.

thank you!

Drag from here


and type ‘mesh’.

I’ll just add that the name here would depend on how one named the component… Although if you’re inheriting from the native character class, it’s called Mesh. If you’re not, it’s the name you gave it.

Dual Connecting Self Set Node

It’s a Get. You’re getting a component.