What is this action?


it’s really simple. it’s a condition, it says if 2 values are equal do something. you could google it and get all the information about this function. and please add some comments to your question, or search in the questions for answer, if there weren’t your answer, then post it. one more thing, when you wanna use this function in blueprint, you can put your mouse on the function and then some information will be appear. or just use ctrl+alt on the function.
check this question too.

This function is “equals”. This returns true if 2 value or reference is equals and false if they aren’t. In this picture you are comparing 2 object references.

the Blueprint system is based on C++, so it borrows some of its conventions, like using a double equals sign as value comparison… but i think maybe this symbol isn’t so obvious to new programmers. C++ couldn’t use a single equals sign for comparison, because it was being used to assign variables, but since blueprints have Set nodes for assignment, they don’t use a single equals sign for anything. would it have been easier for you to understand on first sight, if the symbol was a single equals sign?

Thank you for the help, I’m just used to seeing names above everything. I did not register the double equal sign in my brain sign at all.