What is the worse configuration/specs required to run Unreal Engine Developper system ?

I’m in the process buying an ultra-portable computer ; I7-7200U (3MoCache /3.10GHZ ) SSD 256 Go, 8Go DDR4 monocanal 2400MHz with an Intel HD620, i like it because i can work and develop things i like basically anywhere :slight_smile:

Hey, i know this might not be the best place to ask but Google helped me found a similar topic from 2014 so i thought i would give it a chance . )

Would that be ok ? I’m not trying to run some NASA program on it, i’d just like to make some cool independant stuff with low texture rendering.

Really i don’t need to hear about how ****** my specs are, please don’t be awful lol, i’ve been developing and modding since 1999 and i always enjoyed it, i’d just like to know if i can run the program at all or not, with these specs.

Thanx for your answers and sorrry for my bad english, i never actually bought a computer in the past 10 years, so i’d really could use your input…

Have a great day, Matt

I’d certainly not recommend it, it might run, maybe some very small projects will work…
There are scalability settings in UE4 that makes things less intensive too.

But that dual core cpu will struggle (building lightmass will take years), the SSD is far too small (UE4 can cache hundreds of GBs of data), 8GB of RAM is usable (I used 8GB for years) but not great, and the iGPU will hold you back.

Are you particularly set on that laptop?
There are small laptops around that will give you a much nicer experience, but I guess budget might be the problem?

Keep in mind I’ve never used UE4 on any kind of laptop and I’ve never had a computer with an iGPU, it’s possible it’ll run even worse than I’ve said.

GT 440 on a map without textures runs nice on minimals

Hey, thanx very much for your time i learned a lot, that helps.

Yes unfortunately, money and size are the issues here, i’ve seen some pretty rad configs in my price range +/- 800, i’m just done with15 inches laptop…
I also realized $5000 laptops were a pretty common thing :rolleyes:

I found an interesting alternative at ASUS’s with identical specs except for a Nvidia GeForce 2Go DDR3 + Intel HD 520 & Optimus
But it comes with a weaker CPU ( I5-6200 ( 2.3Ghz Bi-Core 15W ) instead of I5-7200U (3MoCache /3.10GHZ ) so i dont know, it might not make such a *big *difference.

Anyway, i’m really not that big on games, last game i played on a computer was Gta IV in 2008 and since, i never expected a game could look better than lol, i never really cared for graphics or gaming, but i could spend days modding and mapping with Worldcraft / Valve Hammer Editor back in the early 2000’s.

So when i learned about the Unreal Engine project and what it could do, obviously i knew it would came into consideration when buying a new computer.

That being said, i’m quite aware of my price range and i know it won’t get much better than those two alternatives.

You need to tell us more about that GeForce card.

(I first though you meant the “GeForce2 Go” from year 2000, but I managed to figure out that Go is french for GB :))

Haha, true that ! Sorry about that obvious imprecision, my carelessness here.
But yes indeed what i was talking about is a NVIDIA GeForce 940M 385 shaders unit and 2GB ( not GO ) of DDR3 memory, 64 Bit, 2000 MHz ]

I guess that’s what i get for staying in the 2000’s … NVidia GeForce2 i remember was a really big deal, god i would’ve sold a kidney for such a GPU back then!

Anyways, i don’t know if it’ll get to such a game-changing difference between both of those laptops, since when push comes to shove i guess those small budget machines will both sounds like CPU & SDD-space impaired devices like you suggested !

It’s really cool to get such answers though, that’s also what i enjoyed back in those “game-making” communities.

The 940m isn’t much of a gaming chip, but in practice it will give you up to 80% higher framerate. For UE4 that is well worth the slower CPU. You will also get an extra 2 GB of total RAM, and the CPU might be able to turbo boost more, as there is no heat generated from the shut off HD 520.

256 GB SSD is enough for plenty of UE projects as long as you do not also install lots if games.

My 2c:

Well it seems like i had something close togood compromise with that laptop…

*But God i *** hate myself about that, this perticular 13’ ASUS / NVidia Asus for 800$ was a “flash sale” and obviously i missed it by the time i finished to write that answer.
However i still have another shot at an other machine, do you think it would make a big difference, admitting this one still has a i5-7200 Kaby Lake Bi-Core 2.5Ghz /15W + with a GeForce 940MX 2Gb DDR3 + Intel HD620 and 8Gb RamDDR4 2133 MHZ … BUT with only a 125Gb SSD however coupled with a 500Gb 5400 Tr/min ?

I mean, i’m not familiar with SSD’s as i never used one, so i’m not really sure how that would work out and share payload while running such a demanding program.

Sorry again if i look somehow hurried and demanding, but actually the 7 Days duration test of my ( first quoted ) Dell computer will start to run today as soon as UPS delivers it in the afternoon so i guess i’ll have to make an educated choice based on what i just learned tonight before i choose to make a return…


Thanx @Franktech i learned some tips in this topic, but unfortunately those US computers, as eye-watering as they are, i’m sure you know that 99% of them will most likely never ship to europe ( for example Amazon will never allow such a thing… believe me i’ve tried it and failed at it :slight_smile: ) and even though, definitely not at these prices :rolleyes:, i have to say you’re lucky on this one ! Great hardware at great prices.

I would’ve preferend a 256gb SSD but 128+500 GB is ok. You will have to be considerate where to put different programs and other files. Try to at least get the engine on the SSD. The projects could be on the HD.

The worst spec?

Not having enough storage space. Since starting with UE4 I had to update my hard drives twice already.

e6750 core2duo 2.66ghz, 8800gt 512mb, 4gb ram with 300gb hdd

I learned unreal at it and still running Unreal at it. But after 4.11-4.12 there are lot of problems with packaging and video drivers crashing.

But… don’t try it if you want your sanity;)

I have a laptop with i5 2.5, 8gb ram, 920m nvidia and 1 tb hdd.

You can do far more that little games with low textures.

Though an ssd probably would be welcome too.

imo buy the better GPU if possible, and RAM.
I use a 4-year-old laptop with 6GB RAM and a ATI 7670M GPU, no SSD just a 5400 rpm HDD, i5 CPU (2 cores +2 by hyperthreading), and I can work with UE4 thanks to scalability settings (but 90% I work with Visual Studio, only 10% editor), but sometimes very slooooow.
Usually I have a GPU bottleneck when testing my game, that can turn into a CPU bottleneck when many moving actors are present, but I work on a computation intensive RTS system. Luckily, it is a great motivation for performance optimization at least :smiley: (which is important because RTS players do not own the best gamer pc-s usually).

I have a GTX 960M, 8GB RAM(expandable), 128GB SDD, 1 TB HDD and I7-5700HQ @2.7GHz(Turbo @3.4GHz). Paid €900,- for it and UE4 works like a charm.