What is the workflow for using the Flurry Analytics?

My question is in relation to blueprints. Is it possible to work with Flurry only in blueprints?

If yes, then how does the overall setup or workflow go. From the Unreal Match 3 sample project, I only seem to see the “Start Session” node inside GlobalGameInstance that gets started on Event Init and Record Event nodes. The Record Event nodes get fired after an Event, but what I do not know is if these events are pre-written on Flurry, or if we can just name them anything and Flurry will accept them?

How would one try to gather information on items such as (is it even possible at the moment?):

  1. Total time played by player
  2. Location of player/device on earth/geographical location (Flurry seems have location support, but I do not know if Unreal supports this natively)

As mentioned here, it would seem that Flush Session and End Session nodes (as documentedhere) are not used. So, when does a Flurry analytics session count as ended? When the UE4 game app is closed on the mobile device?

This is what I understand right now:

  1. When the game first gets started up (which is why Match 3 uses the undocumented Event Init), we start a session with Flurry using the Start Session node. It knows to use Flurry since we’ve set it up in DefaultEngine.ini as our Analytics choice, and enabled the plugin inside the editor (both Analytics Blueprint Library plugin and iOS Flurry Analytics Provider plugin).
  2. To actually get data we can analyse in Flurry, we use the Record Event nodes. We determine these at any given time an event takes place, such as a click on our own in-app store, or when a player enters a menu through a click, pretty much any event that has been fired off by the player’s actions (usually seems to be based on OnClicked events or events that fire off after).

That is the extent of it’s usage. Is there anything I am missing? Or there cooler things that can be done? Is record event really just something that accept’s random strings and Flurry will just receive it? Am I severely misunderstanding anything?

If anyone could provide example workflows, and possibly screenshots of blueprints with Flurry within UE4 I would sincerely appreciate it!

Hi Sabun!

Yes, for Flurry events, you can just create your names and Flurry will handle everything on their end. Things like geography are automatically captured as part of the session. :slight_smile: In general, sessions will end when you close the app, but you can also restart a session after a period of time if you want a new session to be stored.

Init is an existing function in the Game Instance class, and it just allows our custom Game Instance to set up what it needs, like the initial Flurry session. UGameInstance::Init | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hopefully this helps get you going! Let us know if you have any more questions.

Thank you for the clarification Lauren, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I did not know that I could use the API Reference for figuring out what blueprint nodes exist and their underlying functionality. I am used to looking at the blueprint documentation from the Blueprint Node Reference like this. I figured anything outside of this reference was not usable in Blueprints, my mistake.

I am still running into issues with it functioning, but I will continue that on the other thread here.