What is the weirdest dream/nightmare that you have ever had?

Hello all! I thought that this would be an interesting topic. I’ve been working on my game lately, and I finally just got a feature that I’ve been trying to figure out forever working today. So I decided to take a well deserved nap. I don’t know if anyone else on these forums ever has dreams like the ones I have every single time I finish something and I’m feeling like anything is possible. I just woke up from a rather unusual nightmare. It absolutely terrible! I had a dream that I woke up in the exact spot I decided to take my nap in. I was so excited to get back to my computer and see that my hard work paid off. So I went over to my computer, logged in, and did the first thing that I do every single time I turn on my computer: launch Visual Studio and Maya. Everything seemed great. I opened my project in VS and launched Unreal. For some odd reason, it was taking forever! So I sat back, turned my cable box on, switched from my PC to TV on my other monitor, and watched an episode of Wayward Pines which is an absolutely wonderful show on FOX that blew my mind last night. Like really, the latest episode had me like:

Anyways, eventually Unreal finished launching. I was so excited so I went and loaded my level and as soon as I pressed Play, everything was messed up! :frowning: I was so confused. I went back to Visual Studio to double check my C++ code. Everything looked fine. :confused: So I went back to Unreal and double checked my blueprints, everything looked fine there as well. I spent hours trying to find the problem. There were no compiler errors and everything looked the same as it did after I’ve first finished the feature. Every test that worked earlier failed. I was really puzzled and began to lose my mind. :mad: Did I just dream that my solution actually worked? What have I done to deserve this? After a couple more hours, I looked at the time and realized that it was past midnight. After trying tons of different solutions, I decided to try what I had before and ironically, it worked perfectly! That was until five minutes into the Play session, Unreal crashed and I was greeted with this video. And to make it even worse, this was followed by a blue screen in which I lost everything on my computer. This killed me. I was done.

I spent some time at the beach staring into the ocean thinking about programming. Was it really something that I wanted to do still? I took one step only to trip and faceplant into the sand. I then woke up. I raced to my computer, launched Unreal and thankfully everything worked! I was so relieved. Everything felt so real! I hope my horrible nightmare brought you some joy and I look forward to reading about your experiences. :smiley: #ProgrammerProblems

I once dreamt i traveled in time 5 years forward. Then i took control of the dream(you can if you know how) and just went exploring this near future thing. The things i saw were kinda interesting, and the most hilarious thing is realizing my subsconcious created a totally viable world based on current events and the things that are happening right now. Those predictions are completely possible and viable, and probably will happen.

That’s interesting, how do you control it though?

I have many weird and frightning dreams…
When I was little The dream that would haunt me was, when the trees in my backyard would rise out of the ground. (Like Lord Of the rings.) And my parents would not let me back into the house! It sucked.
Then my weirdest dream… Get ready… I was in my kitchen when people from my basketball leuage showed up in my back yard. They then tell me there is a pool party. And I all of the sudden am dressed and ready to go! Then I walk with them over to my grandmothers backyard. (Which is only a small walk away… But she doesn’t have a pool!) When we get there the pool is ready and all of that stuff. Then… The coaches daughter points at me, yells “Mussolini!” Then I notice I am wearing attire like mussolini. Yep, Mussolini… To which they procede to beat the living daylights out of me. I then find myself swimming like nothing ever happend. Then I am mussolini again! But this time I really am him! Hanging from the gas station! The dream then turns really weird. I am all the sudden a truck driver who is complaining because some girls painted my truck pink. In anger I get into the truck, turn it on, then drive away. Then I suddenly turn into a DOOM Imp. And die.
There you go. If anyone thinks I may have some mental problems… Please notify me at once! :slight_smile:

I started not too long ago, i think VR had a effect in it. Some times, on very livid dreams, i can “know” im in a dream, and then i can just cheat the rules as i see fit. The trick is just that, knowing that you are in a dream. I still only have a livid dream once a week at most, so not every night.

Sometimes I can do that… Not when I want to though…

I’ve only succeeded in doing this once. Every time I dream, I know that I’m in a dream but when I try to actually do this or make things pop up, nothing happens. LOL I need your skills bro. :smiley:

Normally, i end up teleporting around(just imagine yourself in a different place), some times i can also slightly morph the dream, but i can only “warp” the orignal dream a bit.

Press all the buttons lol. :wink:

I dreamed i was the size of a GI Joe figurine. And with me was a potato that had hair and could talk… we got flushed down the toilet and while we were being flung around in the water pipes we made love. Me and the potato man. It wasn’t scary at the time but what scared me is that i would dream such nonsense.

After watching the episode of through the wormhole: do we live in the matrix? (highly recommend watching)

I dreamed about it further. According to the science in the episode the smallest particles in reality are moving on a grid like pattern, which means the whole universe is just made up of a really tiny grid. Which supports the theory that we could just be a simulation. So my dream was more about, who created this simulation that we are ? Then I envisioned our universe as a child from a mother universe. Once an intelligence in 1 universe becomes so advanced, they simulate a new universe to escape to, or create, to keep the cycle of reproduction going.

So even before the big bang, which could have also been simulated, there could have been bang after bang after bang where universes are constantly simulating new ones, and reality itself is a reproducing entity. Other thoughts can support this as well, such as 3d printing cells and viruses, I recall there was a living reproducing bacterial life form that was synthetically printed just from code! This means we are possibly nothing more than code living in a simulation! Unreal engine 20! See we are already on our way to reproducing the next universe, but we are only at the 4th version, long way to go!

Back when Star Wars Galaxies was still a thing, It was Pre-NGE, and I had a Jedi character I was leveling up. I had a dream that I was my Jedi Character and I was being hunted by a Bounty Hunter. I also dreamed up an entire episode of Rurouni Kenshin, I was awesome, it it got to the good part, then I woke up.

Worst nightmare I’ve had that I can remember… I dreamed that I failed all my college classes and got kicked out. I graduated 4 years ago, so that dream didn’t become a reality.

What has been read, cannot be unread. :smiley:

Woah, very interesting! :cool:

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Being chased by the most beautiful women on the planet.Then waking up on a pig farm.

Hi, the usual nightmare, I’m having is all about dead people close to me but I saw them alive and even talking to me in my dreams as well as having fun with us in a certain occasion.

I once dreamed of my mom holding a kitchen knife,come over to me n see what happened to me…i was ok until i saw her coming

More of a very sad nightmare: My younger brother & I were riding around a neighborhood on a dirt-bike for 2-3 hours (I remember it was for quite a while). After some time, I am not sure why, but my brother & I entered someone’s house. The man in the house was a large bearded man, and had bags upon bags of Boxelder bugs in his arms, the whole house was absolutely filled with these bugs. When I asked him why, he told me that there aren’t enough of them in the area, so he was going to release them. After a few more minutes of conversation, I was walking towards his front door to leave, and stepped in a small puddle of muddy water deep enough to fill my shoes. My brother & I were now outside of his house sitting on the porch waiting as I wrung out my socks. After some time and boredom, my younger brother had silently concluded that I would no longer be able to take us back home on the dirt-bike, so he ran towards an idling white van across the street without my knowledge. As he was walking directly behind the van, I had the impression to look over at him, seeing that he was no longer sitting next to me, I spotted him across the street, and the van’s tail lights came on. In an instant, the van accelerated backwards, knocked my brother onto the pavement, and stopped. My brother (crying) proceeded to stand back up, and yet again, the van quickly accelerated backwards into my brother.

I woke up directly after this, such a sad nightmare…