What is the usual pay for artists, modelers, musicians, etc.?

Hi there, I’m new. Just signed up a few days ago when the engine went free, so I’m one of the hapless, penniless peasants who downloaded it without putting much thought into how I’m going to proceed.

In case I get anywhere worthwhile and manage to make a halfway decent game, I’ll probably be looking for outside help with the more artistic elements – modeling, art design and sound design – all the polish that goes into a published game. I have no idea what the recommended pay is for hiring people with these skills. (Or anyone else, for that matter.)

What is generally considered a respectable rate? Does it depend on the position, or maybe the game? The game’s size?

Thanks for being there.

It can be little to a lot honestly. There are many questions with regards to pay.

Is the person a professional or student?
Does the person have experience on large scale projects?
Is the person from a developed, Western nation or one with a favorable exchange rate?

The same project can illicit quotes of $400 or $40 based upon the various criteria.

You can do all that yourself with the correct and expensive software, but unreal engine makes it cheaper as you dont have to pay $40 a month and then still pay for professional model design software that is easy to use but also expensive so basically you pay $0 for unreal and $165+ for the other tools, resources packages.

You can check the gamasutra salary survey