What is the unit for UMovieScene PlayRange?

Hi, I’m trying to extract the play range of a sequence using the UMovieScene API. The most relevant function that I found was GetPlayRange(), which returns TRange < FFrameNumber >. I am not sure what the units for the lower and upper bounds of the FFrameNumber values. I tried this on multiple sequences, one that is 180 frames at 30 FPS based on the sequencer in editor, the range returned for the play range was 0 to 144000 (which is 800x). On another sequence that was also 180 frames at 30 FPS, the upper bound value was 360000 (2000x). Does anyone know what the proper way to convert this to actual frame numbers is? Or is there another way to retrieve the frame numbers for the sequence range in C++? Thanks!

If you have 4.22, you can take a look at MovieSceneSequenceExtensions.h/cpp that does the conversion for you in for example, GetPlaybackStart.

Here’s the detailed technical notes on it: