What is the UE4 mannequin used for?

I have seen these “mannequins” throughout the marketplace and am not sure of what exactly they are used for and/ or why I would need them. Any input on this is greatly appreciated and I apologize for being vague on the subject matter of my question. Thanks!

You might be meaning animation packs. Default skeleton for these is usually the default mannequin.
You can buy these packs so you don’t need to animate for example. walking, running, idle and jumping animations again inside blender, maya or whatever 3d software you’re using. Watch videos of these (usually links in the pack description) so you understand

Thank you very much Derzo! With these mannequins, those are basically “skeletal meshes” that I could, for example, use a Mixamo character and some how apply that mesh to that character and that character would use the movements/ actions of that particular mannequin?

That ue4 default mannequin is 1 skeletal mesh with 1 skeleton and multiple animations. To have animations you need a skeleton. To see the skeleton, you need a mesh. You can retarget mixamo character skeletons to ue4 default mannequin skeleton and that way get all the mannequin skeleton animations.
Fbx skeletal mesh stuff was really weird to me as well at first.

Thank you so much for the clarity on this! I have been so confused about this for quite some time now. I’m going to work with this and hopefully get things moving in the correct direction. Thanks again!

Awesome! Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate your help and everything!

Hey Derzo! I just have a couple of questions and I hope they’re not confusing, lol! 1.) For the most part, I am using my HP EliteBook Intel i5 with 2 USB 3.0 ports and has Windows 7. I have my other laptop that’s an HP 2000 with Windows 8 and just the USB 2.0 ports. As far as you know, is there any way for me to use my Kinect 2 correctly on my Windows 8 laptop using a USB 3.0 adapter that goes into the USB 2.0 slot? I found a 3.0 connector online for like six bucks, but how efficient would that be? 2.) Since I loathe Windows 8 so much, but love Windows 7 on my Intel i5, is it a good idea to go ahead and update this (my primary) laptop to Windows 10 when developing in UE 4.10?

Awesome! Thank you so much for the info, it truly DOES help me! I’ve been stressing about this for too long and getting mixed information. But, I’m going to go ahead and give it a shot and order it and I’ll let you know how things turn out.
Thanks again!


I don’t have Kinect myself, but I thought usb 3.0 can go to usb 2.0 ports just fine. You should try it. And yes, I recommend upgrading to windows 10.

Hey Darzo! Do you have or know of where I can find the correct info as far as exactly how I do the installation of my Kinect 2 on my Intel i5 HP laptop? Opaque says to put the “plugin” for Kinect into the “plugin folder”, or something like that? I’m just a bit unclear on the exact instructions as to what they’re saying. Any help is greatly appreciated.



So will you develop for it or do some kind of motion capture?

I’m planning on doing motion capture for it. One thing I’m highly interested in is using it not only for body motion, language, expression etc., but I’m very excited about using it for the live-like facial expressions. I’ve watched many videos using it for the facial recognition that’s SO impressive and can literally go “To infinity and beyond”! LOL! But yeah, that’s what I’m trying to get accomplished. I’m sending this message to you via mobile, bit I will be at my PC in about 5 minutes so I can get the exact wording of what I’m confused about when it comes to the “wording” in how to set it up correctly. I hope you’ll be around, but I’m patient and really appreciate ALL of the help you’ve given me thus far!