What is the UE4 equivalent to Unity3D's Line Renderer?

Any equivalent to Unity3D’s Line Renderer component in Unreal Engine?

I want to achieve a result like that in the image. It needs to support segments.

Any tip? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey richardek -

You probably will want to check out the Beam particle type in Cascade, here is the documentation and here is a tutorial on our wiki. It is not exactly like the line renderer but offers a much create array of options for exactly how the ultimate line looks.

-Eric Ketchum

The UCustomMeshComponent can do this, but it’s not as simple to use. You can write a blueprint which takes simple points and creates triangles between them as seen in the screenshot.

Hi, I achieved something similar setting up a simple beam particle system with the Source and Target set to “User Set”. Then, I created a Blueprint that in the Construction Script I added those beams partycle system based on the number of segments that I needed setting the targets and sources between each two segments. Here it is a screenshot of the result:

I’m not sure if this are the best way to do a equivalent unity line renderer.
How difficult whould be to set multiple targets in a single particle system?
What’s the best way to do something like this on UE4 v4.8?
Somebody knows any tutorial or link to forums?