What is the simplest way to move pawn to location?

I’ve got a Pawn and I want to move it to the location. No pathfinding, no collisions, no additional conditions - just move Pawn to the location with some speed. How can I do this?

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There are several ways, depending on what this Pawn is and who’s controlling it.

  • If your Pawn has a AIController, then you just use “Move to Location or Actor” with disabled pathfinding/collision on it.
  • If the Pawn has a MovementComponent, manipulate it like a normal PlayerCharacter.
  • Or you could use SetActorLocation on a Tick Event, where you add or multiply the game-seconds to move it in some direction.

What steps should I take to make MoveToActor or SimpleMove work? I’ve tried this, but the Pawn stays stopped.

SimpleMove requires MovementComponent in your Pawn.

I have, but still no movement? May be SpectatorPawn isn’t a proper class?

I think (can’t check right now), but SimpleMove requires a AI Controller on that pawn.