what is the setting for unreal engine 5.1 with AMD Radeon GPU RX6950XT 16 GB

hi every one i am new learner unreal engine 5.1
my pc configuration AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X 24-Core,and AMD GPU RX6950Xt 16GB,Memory (RAM) 64.0 GB
wen i am import datasmith fbx in unreal engine 5 after lights wall and floor become glitch and flicker
i saw many unreal engine tutorials everyone using Nvidia card so i want to know is there any difference
setting for AMD 6000 series, is there any one using AMD 6000 Series with unreal engine 5 for interior Design so please help me.
i did all changes as i learn from tutorials unreal engine but it’s became worse.
please help me to learn this settings. find the attached images

Do you have those glitch effect on a default architecture project?

Are you using DirectX11 or 12 or vulkan?
What is your windows version?
Are you up to date with your AMD GPU drivers?

hi, i was able to solve this problem by turning off ray tracing shadow in sun settings. if you found another way, can you share it too?)

i was having the exact same issue with 5.1 , i fixed it by updating to unreal engine 5.2 and it works perfectly now